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Suicide is a real time bomb in Nigeria

Are you still waiting for someone to tell you that suicide is a real time bomb in Nigeria?

It was reported yesterday that a Disc Jockey, popularly known as DJ XGEE committed suicide as a result of marital issue. The said DJ wrote a suicidal post on his Instagram page, telling the world ‘good bye’
The disc Jockey took his life with insecticide. Meanwhile, from indication, he happens to be a lively person but what ought to make him happy took his life.
Another 300 level young female student from the University of Abuja last year also committed suicide based on the fact that her mother was not the caring type, probably because of her moody nature. She wrote a note narrating her own side of the story and then took her life.
This is not the first time the case of suicide will be reported, especially in this part of the world where we are known to be happy no matter how worst the situation….
Did you know?
It is no longer lack of money that is now causing suicide,  but detachment, lack of care, mistrust from those who are suppose to be there at the right time when they are needed.
I always wonder why on Earth would someone take his/her own life despite having people around……
Well, the answer to the question above is weighty…..
Hey FRIENDS, scroll through your contact list, and kindly start a discussion about LIFE with someone you hardly hear from…..a simple HELLO will go a long way to rescue another LIFE
We are all going through something one way or the other, and
No be every man wey dey laugh around you dey happy because
There is something now called SUICIDAL HAPPINESS
I just say make I write my own.
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