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Exclusive Interview with Saliu Omotayo, the Author of The Trial of a Single Mother

In this interview with Eventriga, Saliu Omotayo, the author of the book “The Broken Darkness”, speaks on what inspired her collection of poems titled, “The Trial of a Single Mother”, and the wrong notions people have about a single mother in Africa.

Can we meet you?

My name is Saliu Nofisat Omotayo.

What are the popular books you’ve read that inspired you?
One of the popular books I have read is “No Excuses” by Brain Tracy, “Abiku” by Wole Soyinka

Who is your favorite author?
My favourite author is Wole Soyinka because Baba have his unique style of writing that is different from others and also his choice of words make his work different.

What is writing like for you?
Writing for me is just like pouring out my inner rays, pointing out topics in my own perspective after many research about a subject topic.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Writing energize me, Because writing get me off issues that disturb me. It is through writing I am able to pour out what is on my mind.

Do you have friends that are authors and how did they inspire your writing?

I don’t have a friend who is an author but I have friends that play with words, Enitan Olanrewaju Wazir is a (broken shade) kalejaiye Williams is a (broken links) I saliu Nofisat Omotayo is (A broken Darkness)together we call our group a (Broken poetry).They are not author yet, But we challenge ourselves on topics to write about.

What are the challenges you encountered when you published your first book?

As a first timer I had to write and rewrite to get the real picture I want to create on the mind of my readers, and with the help of my editor, Mr Samson Feyi Abiodun Oyeniyi, the writer of “Dance of Fury” and “Frogs for Dinner”.

To get the real pictures of events in the book “A Broken Darkness” I had to visit people that practice tradition to see the clear picture of how they do things even if my characters are not real but the event and places are real just to promote my home town Ojora Oloye and it’s environment and also to promote our culture and tradition.

In spite of the fact that it was stressful I never gave up because I believe I can do it and I get it done.

Do you prefer reading eBook to physical text?

Both eBook and Physical text are comfortable for me. Once I set my eyes on a story that interest me or a book title that I fall in love with either Physical text or electronic book I am good with it.

What is the inspiration behind the title of your poem “The Trial of a Single Mother?”

I will always tell people not to judge others for their actions because we are all human. For the love I have for every female out there, I want every female to be celebrated no matter what the society call them.

African society condemn single parenting, but some are single mothers not because they are wayward or want to be, but because it happened to them accidentally.

Tiwa Savage faces a lot as a single parent, our female blogger, Linda Ikeji is not left out of the trouble.
So many celebrities and the voiceless are condemn just because of the Tag “Single Mother” which Yoruba call “Ilemosu”, and to make the case worse some see them as a widow even if it is obvious that the husband is alive.

I want to be a voice for the voiceless, a shoulder to lean on, I want to dry tears on the faces of the females no matter what they are going through physically or mentally I assure them at the end of every night, the sun will surely come up.

So many females are depressed because of one thing or the other which they are afraid to discuss about because our part of the world does not know how they feel. I can feel your pains my dear sisters because I know and understand that there is more to read on the heart of every females than on their faces.

What’s the best way to market your book?

The world has gone digital, everything is now at our finger tip, once a book is online readers all over the world can easily access it anywhere, anytime without delay.

Very soon my first book “A Broken Darkness” will be online for readers to enjoy.

Saliu Omotayo A broken darkness

Did your growing up affect your writing and speaking skills?

Growing up among the great and not so great is the best experience, when I look around me I smile because I gained experience from the dramas around me. I am opportuned to choose my path from where I grow up.

If I haven’t found myself in this part of the world where will the inspiration come from. The fight among neighbors, the early morning curse they use in waking their children for school, the gossip, the fight among the big boys (agbero), the togetherness we share, the pains and happiness we share together in the hood is one of my inspiration. But for the fact that we live in the hood doesn’t mean we belong there.

In your own opinion, what do you think the government can do to the lack of reading culture among college students?
Reading is compelling to some except those that love it naturally, I never love reading but I was force to read more because I have a message to pass and without continuous reading I won’t be able to express my thoughts and share my ideas.

If you want to hide any information from people write it in a book because not everyone can read and not every literate want to read.

If the government can organise programs for Students and make valuable materials for learning as souvenirs, by building liberaies equipped with modern amenities instead of students spending time at the club or involving in unnecessary programs that doesn’t add any value to their lifestyles.

What stage of your life do you enjoy writing about (adult, child, teenager)?
My life as a child was fun, growing up as a teenager is another story on its own and being an adult is a continuous life process,It continues.I have learnt a lot and will keep learning as life move on.Every event in life have a lesson to teach. So, I will like to keep writing about what I have been expose to and the new things I am learning. So tighten your seatbelt and watch out for more.

What is your favorite childhood book and why do you like it?
My favorite childhood book is “Sugar Girl” and “The Joys of Motherhood” by Buchi Emecheta. There is another one “An African Night Entertainment.”

Here is the link to download her book below

Saliu Omotayo - The Trial of a Single Mother

The Trial of A Single Mother 

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