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Identify Your Identity

Have you ever ask yourself; why am I living? What brought you to this world? Are you like those people who live or crave for selfish desire without understanding why they live on earth? Or you see life as a politricks or political manipulation! Irrespective of what is going on now, have you figured out your True Identity in God?
Based on what is trending in this dispensation- The battle for supremacy, fights for feats, political campaign, looting of public funds, killings, devilish manipulations, bribery, selling of votes, mismanagement, panic and power tussles… All these are bound to happen on this last days. But in the midst of it, your identity in Christ will stand firm!

Even in the bible, wars and riot took place, shedding of blood and evil practices; but those that knew their identity in God did exploit. God speared their lives. A man of purpose lives longer because of his identity. Never do anything contrary to the instruction of God. Live to declare his words to shame the devil and their agents.

My advocacy today is to help you Identify your IDENTITY in GOD. Many people died without knowing your true identity. We don’t live to exist, we live for Purpose. Purpose is one with God and a call of nature to fulfill as an assignment! Purpose is not about what is happening around, purpose is what responds to You! It’s within You!

Check your life today, there is something you can do that others cannot do! Your Identity is who you are, not what you are? I have discovered that there is nobody God created without a purpose. You are a seed waiting to produce abundance in supply. Resolve today to identify God’s importance in your life. “Anything you do without God will end up in crisis”…
My dear friends, you have to discover your true identity fast! Start by defining your relationship with God before you can experience God’s attention. If you do not value God, you will miss His blessings. So I challenge you to locate your place in life. Those who committed suicide did so because they could not find a reason to stay alive any longer. So its time to let your light shine! Identify your identity!…

Written by:   Christian E. Okeke
Crux Drive Production
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