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Article: Prodigal Citizen

We are community because we share similar influence, interest and experience that sharpens or reduce the potency of our minds. But we fail to understand the power of our mind. The mind that can implement the right change for edible growth and development.

Change is a dynamic factor that we unconsciously make to build or destroy ourselves. Beyond change, is a responsibility for you to make that change. The responsibility of finding your purpose of existence, investing in others, sowing the right seed of faith and making the world a better place to live in; Most especially in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, most individuals or some set of people refused to embrace this responsibility in our beloved country, Nigeria. We journey into far country or state because we see nothing in our country. We have lost the pride of our origin. How many times will I tell you that “your help is not from abroad, your help is from above”.

I think impatient and inability to create opportunity in ones environment is the order of the day. The reason why people fail is the quick craving for arrival. The prodigal son squandered his own share of belonging outside his environment. His unwise attitude made him realise that no place like home.

You cannot succeed outside if your inside is messed up! The more you look around you, the less you see what is in you! You were born in this country to dominate, replenish and multiply. You were created to solve problems. There are vacant spaces created for each and everyone to occupy. So which one are you occupying in Nigeria?

Ladies and gentlemen, you are a citizen of a great nation! Nigeria is a global market filled with opportunities to explore. The land is always green. Stop running away from your country. You were born here to manifest glory! When you began to see God as the president of the world, then you will be a citizen that will serve with heart and might.

*Is not about the president or the position, is about God in action to take Nigeria forward*

_Don’t be a Prodigal Citizen_

*Crux Drive Production*

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