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5 Things A Nigerian Upcoming Artist Should Do and Avoid In the Music Industry

There are so many things a Nigerian upcoming artist should do and try to avoid in order to easily elevate his/her career. It is very important this information get to any musician who is just starting his/her music career and aim to become one of the A-list artists.

In the music industry, especially the Nigeria entertainment industry, there are dos and donts that should guide an artist. As a result of our interactions with some artists, we found out some things that have been a barrier to the success of many young artistes.
You should:

1. Promote yourself by yourself

If your aim is to go from an unknown artiste to a highly sought after celebrity in Nigeria, it is important you promote yourself. There are a lot of competition out there as a result of many young talents springing up day by day. In this sense, you should try and promote yourself through different platforms such as social media e.g facebook, instagram, twitter, radio, television, blog, influences, OAP, deejays, events etc.

The platforms mentioned above will help your potential listeners get to feel your vibes and even give you the encouragement you need to improve on your contents. Although, some of these platforms that enables you to promote yourself are expensive, but it is important to start your promotion somewhere. For example, you make use of the social media like Instagram to share your freestyles and also share other musical contents. The case of Picazzo Rap is a typical example of how social media have been able to influence top artist recognise other talented young artist.


2. Never Gossip About Fellow Artist to Another Individual

We are human, and the spirit of gossip is another part of us that is within our control. However, because human gossip, it is very vital we understand that gossip has been the genesis of so many conflict in the history of the word.

As an upcoming artist learn to listen to rumors and not spread rumors about another fellow artist thinking it will play to your own advantage.

Many entertainers have been reported to commit suicide or die of depression as a result of things they hear about themselves as circulated by somebody close to them.

As a result of this bad gossips, notably in Nigeria music terrain, it was noted that artistes tend to be watchful of the type of person they mingle with, and also what they say.

Hence, it will be difficult for any artiste who wants to protect his career to have something to do with another person known for peddling rumors. An artiste rather roll with a funny guy who would make them laugh than someone whose only business is to talk and talk about someone else.

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3. CollaboRATE with Top and Upcoming Artiste in the Industry

Some of the things that can stop an upcoming music artists from featuring top artists is finance and lack of good lyrical content.

As an upcoming artist, you should know your craft and be confident. No top artist will do song with an artiste with bad vibes even if the money is huge. In order to become relevant, a music artiste should collabo with not only top artiste but also with upcoming musician. This feature will enable you learn and also motivate you in your next musical project.


4. DON’T rely on your music career alone

Music in Nigeria is now becoming more competitive because there are many talented upcoming artists trying to break into the industry, thereby relegating those ones that are not ready to give out good lyrical contents.

In order not to fall into the groups of relegated artists, it is important you find a career that is somewhat related to music such as disc jockey, producer, voice over artist and others. This will give you the chance to know more about the entertainment industry.


5. Get a Management Team

Apart from self promotion as a musician in Nigeria, it is also advisable you get yourself a management team which can be a group of professional friends or a management company.

This management team will help propel an upcoming artist or already established artist into limelight as a result of their skills, commitment and/or connection. You can also get a well experienced team if you are signed under a record label.

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