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Xenophobia Attacks in South Africa: Why It won’t stop

The recent xenophobia attacks in South Africa is certainly not the first time the citizens of South Africa will attack foreigners living and working in their country.

The attack was perpetrated by individuals who felt the foreigners from other African countries had taken over their lands, jobs/business, and women. They identified countries like Nigeria, Somali, Mozambique, Zimbabwe etc as some of the countries whose citizens had contributed to economic problem of South Africa. 

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This xenophobic actions led to some Nigerians take a retaliatory action in response to the inhumane attitude of the South Africans to their fellow African neighbors. According to an amateur video coverage circulating on social media, it was reported that South African owned company were looted and destroyed. They includes PEP stores in Surulere, Shoprites, MTN and DSTV.


This issue also initiated social media war between top Nigerian celebrities. It was identified on twitter that AKA, one of South Africa hottest rappers tweeted his feeling on how Nigerians were always the favorite in any competition and not the South Africans.


Another South African female musician, Babes Wodumo, also took to twitter to support the xenophobic attack defending why non South Africans should be attacked until they live.


NIGERIAN CELEBRITY also replied to the xenophobia attack

According to the reactions from the South Africans and their leaders, it is important to note that they are not ready to end the xenophobia attacks based on the fact that,

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  1. South Africans believe with the non South Africans still in their country, securing a job with better payment is not possible. According to one of the South Africans, he stated that Nigerians always accept jobs with lesser payment, thereby leading to employees refusing to employ the South Africans who are demanding for high salary.
  2. According to a video circulating online as reported by sky news, a member of the opposition party was spotted in one of the slums in South Africa, encouraging the indigenes to take away their lands from foreigners. This act shows that xenophobic attacks generated from politics.
  3. The inactions of the South African government and the protection of South Africans involved in this attacks by the police force  is another reason why it will be difficult to stop xenophobia attack.

For Nigerians and other nations that are affected, it is significant the leaders take a strict measure that would penalize the actions of the South Africans before it get out of hand.

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