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Pan-Africanism in Sarkodie’s Lyrics at the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher | International Flow

Sarkodie’s lyrics at the Bet Hip Hop Awards cypher depicts love and support  for Africans in diaspora and home.

The lyrics reveal the Pan-Africanists standpoint as emphasized by the likes of W.E.B du Bois, Marcus Garvey, Leopold Senghor, Aime Cesaire, Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah etc.

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Pan-Africanism is a movement that glorifies the beauty and uniqueness of African people in the world. The movement also emphasizes on the needs for Africans to be united against colonialism and neo-colonialism.

During a freestyle session, the Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, in his lyrics, brought back the idea of a United States of Africa, self respect/love, economic independent etc.


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His flow is no doubt one of the reasons he was awarded the BET best international flow at the Hip Hop Awards.

Watch the video below to listen to the philosophical lyrics/thoughts…….during the cypher…


Article by Oladimeji Gabriel

Video edited by Oladimeji Gabriel


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