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6 reasons why you should attend a Conference Like Limelite Lift Conference

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend a conference like Limelite Lift Conference.

In this article, you will get to know about six (6) reasons why you should attend the Limelite Lift Conference and other conference in your community.

What is a conference?
A conference is an event where a group of people are gathered, usually in a large hall, for exchange of information and/or consultation on a particular topic.
The main purpose of a conference is to shed more light on an existing opportunity and/or proffer solutions to problems in a given field e.g science, technology, medicine, social issues, economy etc.
And to attend a conference, it can be either free or paid.
There are so many benefits that comes with attending a conference and most small business owners/students do not know.

According to a recent research conducted in some of the areas in Apapa-Iganmu L.C.D.A., and its environs like (Orile Iganmu, Ijora Badia, Amukoko, Ajeromi-Ifelodun), it was noted that,
A. 68% complain of distance, i.e, locations where conference usually happens is too far for them.
B. 85% stated that they don’t have time to sit and listen to someone talk.
C. 20% complain that they don’t have money to pay for a conference that is not FREE

The solutions to the problem faced above is not far-fetched.

However, you can check out the six (6) reasons why you should attend the Limelite Lift Conference and other conference in your community below….

  1. Learn from Industry Expert: At the conference, participants will learn from speakers who will speak and educate attendees on the impact of Social Media on Nigerian Entrepreneurs.

2. Know how to create business page online

Whether you decide to like it or not, the importance of having an online presence in this digital age cannot be overlooked. At the conference, you will learn how to put your small business or skills online e.g., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Website etc.

limelite lift conference

3. Meet new minds:

Another reason why you should attend a conference is that you will meet new people who may help you develop your skills or grow your business with the knowledge they have garnered.

4. Invest in yourself:
There are so many ways to invest in yourself which goes beyond using money to start a business or develop a skills. Attending a conference gives you the chance the invest in yourself intellectually. A conference like the Limelite Lift Conference will help you to broaden your horizon.

5. Have Fun:
All work and no play does not worth it. Attending a conference is a way of relieving yourself all the stress you have gone through at work.

6. You will stand the chance to learn how to build a website:

Yes!!!!!! at the Limelite Lift Conference, the first 20 people will stand the chance to attend a website design training (Note: terms and conditions apply). The web design training is a training program from one of the supporter of Limelite Lift Conference, and it will give interested learners the opportunity to learn how to create a simple website with WordPress.
More details will be made available at the conference.

If you don’t want to miss this opportunity, save the date and attend the Limelite Lift Conference.

Check poster below or follow the link to see the event page.

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