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Careless The Book by Olaemma Opara-Signature

Careless is a new book by Olaemma Opara-Signature.


Having being a depressed victim of stolen glories form my selfless service (giving from my little) to people, places and organizations whose compromised actions was by me considered ungrateful and dishonoring at the most critical days of rewards.

I survived and realized forward, that Being Big is an advantage.
Why live small and get crushed to death when the same energy is needed to live abundantly Big and still continues to live through the many Significant lives and Institutions, who have become an extension of your works?

CarelessTheBook is my own little way of making magic out my many fall out experience with my closest circle of humans, fall out on my most confident failed expectations and compromised businesses.
careless - iam signature olaema-opara

And then Forward Learning, the most effective and effortless emotional positioning tools and concepts that saves you from undeserved mistakes and failures caused by needless external forces or influences. Thereby, helping you eradicate every limiting actions and thoughts of depression, bringing you to Newness and making you rise above all levels of smallness.

This book is the result of my intentional act to commercialize my disappointments.

careless - iam signature olaema-opara

In this book, you will learn how to live on the most Ultimate side of every life phases, while working with people and initiating relevance to take up only Big endeavourer fronts and personalities that compliments your dreams without lusting into the common unholy instant gratifications.

Learning through this, will connect you with your own universe within and You will learn to explore your deepest emotions and open your most vulnerable state of mind to your advantage, leveraging on the things that ultimately matters more than the things that immediately counts.


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