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Tips to An Exciting Parte After Parte in Nigeria

Find some of the important tips to an exciting parte after parte in Nigeria.

There have been so many exciting events out there in different parts of the country from January to December but not every party goer understands how to really enjoy this moment to the fullest.

Find below tips to enjoying PARTE AFTER PARTE IN NIGERIA


1. Buy Tickets Online
Events in Nigeria is now being digitalized, that is, everything is done online via the INTERNET.

Getting a ticket for any of your favorite event is easy because you can purchase a ticket from the comfort of your bed without going through the trouble of long queue just to get a regular ticket.
To enjoy an event, it is advised you utilise the freedom of getting your ticket online ASAP so as to avoid the inability to attend because the tickets might go out of stock.

You can purchase ticket from the following platforms in Nigeria.

Ariya Tickets



2. Go with Cash
To enjoy this festive period, drop the idea of cashless policy and go out with the required cash for the particular event. Not all vendors or service providers accept the use of Atm. In order to avoid any obstructions to your outing, go out with both cash and ATM.


3. Go out with Groups of Friends
Another way to have fun in Nigeria is to go out in groups. This will make it more fun and also create some kind of protection in a case where there might be an intruder or attacker.

4. Dress to Enjoy:
Remember you are not the only one going out, hence, it is important you consider the type of dress you put on.

For instance, wearing high heel to a concert is a NO….because it will not allow you enjoy all the vibes and gbe body e the way you really want. A sneakers is more preferable.

5. Go early and leave early
Going to an event late might leave you pondering on what might have been happening when you were not there. For you to avoid that situation, go early.

Also, don’t forget to leave the event early so that you will avoid the rush, especially when you rely on public transport.

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