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The New Language You Must Speak

The New Language You Must Speak ~ Olubisi Inspires – I am Signature

Sounds familiar but most expensive gift, yet most desired by all. The Natural beauty of life and strength to weak bones, no soul has ever survive without it.

Nothing makes life meaningful in it absence, not even the whole wealth of the universe, no wonder the wealthy man in the midst of his wealth experience depression, why? Because something richer than wealth is missing.

The universe was made from it and can only be maintained by it power,the reason every man desire and depends on it to maintain sanity, why? because out of it man was made and in it the secret of his survival lies.

Those that lack it knows how expensive it is, it’s far expensive than wealth and more beautiful than the face of a princess, it’s actually life, because all in existence depends on it to have life in aboundant.

No one live in isolation and truly survive without love, maybe you don’t know, every live desire to love and be loved, the connection between man’s functioning ability and love can not be over emphasize, when people pause their life for a while and search around to know who cares, what their soul is crying for is LOVE.

Love is the only key to perfect joy, if you have it don’t deny it to people around you, if wealth is world’s problem, it would have been conquered, because the word is actually blessed with wealth, that you don’t have doesn’t mean we all lack it, but something bigger than wealth is the problem the world is facing todaywhich is LOVE.

Another way of building a new world is to appreciate the souls the universe has brought across you, show love to others, streanghten their weaknesses by telling them you care, lookdown on nobody, make every life feel as much important as you can, a help rendered by a wicked man, is like a poisonous meal which support the body with no nutrient, Let your heart proof your real value and make life a beautiful place for people around you by showing them love.

Love is the new language that will solve world’s problem

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