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The Error You Don’t Have To Make In 2020 – Olubisi Inspires

The error you don’t have to make in 2020 by Olubisi Inspires

The general believe and confession of the poor which has never and can never help the world become a better place should not be confessed by you this year. They limit their efforts to their needs and restrict their strength to what they are capable of managing and possess for the now.

No wonder non of them is world mover or builder of the future, why? because their desire is to change themselves and their immediate environment (Family), the desire which has cripple their strength from becoming world champion, leader or celebrity.

They carelessly confess “I can’t do more than my strength or let me do the little I can and leave the rest.”

Yes you’ll do the little you can and continue to have little results in the record of the universe. Perhaps you don’t know, your thought become your believe, your believe become your confession, your confession your action and your action become your final result and of course, your final result is the reputation the world recognizes you with.

Don’t be careless with the result you give this year

Do you wish to know how far you’re capable of going in year 2020, simply examine your mind to know your believe and confession for this year and at the same time check yourself to know the strength you carry into year 2020.

Don’t expect it big, if you’re not planning it big, the universe can only give you what you save in it.

Become intentionally audacious and strategically position yourself to do it big and to have a big result.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re all you’re capable of becoming.

You can actually become more and take charge of new positions as you’re positioning youreslf for newness.

Become world standard in your thought and get a first class achievement.


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