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Find below the rules of nomination and awards for the Eventriga Grassroot Awards.

1. The award will be given to 30 individuals/individuals tagged the top 30 most influential icon

2. The awards will either be in form of a plaque, certificate or trophy.


  1. Individuals or businesses in the host community is eligible to receive the award.
  2. Nominations for businesses/organisations/business must have demonstrate excellence above company standards. While individuals must have a execute a project that impact the society positively and also raise the standard of such individuals.
  3. Awardees/Nominees must have shown interest in receiving the interest from the onset.
  4. Anybody can nominate recipients irrespective of their place of resident except for No. 1.
  5. Submission for nominations can be done online via
  6. Other online/offline platform might be used for nomination platform such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram
  7. The highest nominee and other nominees will be awarded during the award ceremony.
  8. The final selection will be conducted by independent award committee and recipients of the Eventriga 30 Influential Icon will be informed before the award ceremony.
  9. For any information, dispute, assistance, suggestion or support concerning the EGAwards kindly contact us via 07054922089, 09029160352. Email: [email protected] ng, [email protected]
  10. For additional enquiry or clarifications use the comment box below if any
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