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Highlight: Dj Amendio 9ja @ 59 Independence Concert | Eventriga TV

Eventriga NG was at Dj Amendio 9ja @ 59 Independence Concert on the 5th of October, 2019 at Hunters Lounge. Pan-Africanism in Sarkodie’s Lyrics at the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher | International Flow The 9th edition saw young music star troop out to thrill their fans, while deejays were also on the wheel of

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VIDEO: Fynest Roland Emperor’s Clan Night Performance

Fynest Roland Video for Emperors Clan Night saw music lovers watch their favorite artists give them an exciting night. VIDEO: Outburst Laughter With MC Sun and Friends Highlight The event features performance from the headliner of the event himself, Fynest Roland and other acts such as Ola Boy, Samoa Jezzy, Hypeman Climax, Businexx Gang (Ayaz….)

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Fynest Roland Emperor's Clan Night

Catch Fynest Roland Live At The Emperor’s Clan Night

Are you ready for another moment of entertainment with Fynest Roland? Goshen Empire and Hunter’s Lounge present a night like never before with Fynest Roland at the Emperor’s Clan. WATCH: Interview With Dj Awesum On Limelite NG – Eventriga TV This will feature a breathtaking performance from various artist and other side attractions like dance, comedy

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